Ethereum is more exciting than Bitcoin: Game Changer

Ethereum is way more exciting than Bitcoin. Bitcoin started this whole cryptocurrency revolution. Bitcoin still dominates over 65% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. It’s also not changing much.

Ethereum was designed to solve different problems than Bitcoin using smart contracts. This programmable currency has opened up a new world of possibilities across several different applications.

DeFi: Decentralized Finance

Ethereum’s smart contracts provide better options for saving money. This programmable business logic allows developers to start decentralized apps that run themselves. Lenders can reduce the amount of overhead required to run their organization and pass these savings on to clients.

Companies like Fulcrum, Compound Finance and dYdX provide borrowing and lending services with real-time interest rates. This means that your savings increase dynamically according to the current interest rate. I love watching my earnings increase right before my eyes in real-time saving DAI on the Oasis app.

PoolTogether is another example. A “no-loss, audited savings game” for DAI – a stable coin on the Ethereum network that is pegged to the US dollar. PoolTogether is unique because you don’t lose your money. Any tickets you purchase can be withdrawn at any time or automatically rolled into the next draw. Pretty cool stuff!

Game Assets and Microtransactions

Microtransactions have been driving a wedge between gamers and developers for years. Smart contracts have the potential to make these transactions a win-win for both sides.

We’re living in a world where game developers still own all of our game assets. We’re entering a world where we can hold game assets in our wallet and trade them with other gamers. This allows us to make money from our efforts (or cash out when needed).

Game developers still earn a percentage of every trade our asset is involved in. Win-win! The gaming industry continues to grow while developers like UbiSoft explore partnerships with blockchain game developers like Dapper Labs (CryptoKitties, Cheeze Wizards). This industry will be huge for user adoption in the coming years.

Use-Cases are More exciting than Bitcoin

Ethereum is easy to get started with thanks to Brave browser. Users can get set up within minutes using Brave’s built-in MetaMask wallet. They can also add MetaMask to their browser of choice.

You can earn cryptocurrency (BAT) each month and exchange it for Ether with Brave’s ad-based rewards system!

There are a number of games, DeFi services, dApps, DAOs and other “D” things (don’t Google that) ready to interact with you right now. This rapidly developing ecosystem is why Ethereum is more exciting than Bitcoin.

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